What we offer.

Why Choose Us?

Our main area of expertise is Bulk Earthwork, Installation of Services (Storm water, Sewer and Water reticulation systems), Road ways ( Layer works, Paving , Asphalt), Kerbs and Channels.

Effective Team Work

We believe that together we can achieve more, and as a team we have over the years streamlined our systems to deliver maximum efficiency.

Many Years Experience

Over the years we have accumulated a niche set of expertise which we believe can benefit your next project.

Great Communication.

From start to finish, we keep you updated on the progress as well as all dynamic aspects of each project.

Lasting Partnerships

Every client we work with becomes a valuable partner in the industry over the long run.

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Bulk Earth Work

We offer a full range of expertise regarding Bulk Earthworks. From Pre/Post Surveys, Setting- out, Site clearance, removing topsoil, cutting of embankments and removal and replacing of material, basement excavations and holding ponds. Using our own equipment to excavate and transport spoil. This we do in conjunction with our services and infrastructure works.

Services & Infrastructure

This forms a large component of our expertise and the main area that we specialize in.

  • Under Ground Services
    • Includes but not limited to excavating trenches and laying pipes (Sewer, Water Storm Water and Cable Duct Sleeves) whether it is Upvc, Hdpe or Concrete pipes. Backfilling and compaction.
    • Installation of Sub-surface drains.
    • Building/Installation of Manholes and Bulk Water-Meters
  • RoadWorks
    • Box-cut road.
    • Prep road to receive layer works, Install layer works.
    • Asphalt surfacing.
    • Paving and Kerb laying.
  • Creating Platforms for Housing and Industrial Structures.
    • Excavation of Trenches and Bases for foundations

Plant Hire & Plant Maintenance

See list of available plant for hire.

Respray of machinery and General maintenance and repair works.

Our Clients.

Some of our partners over the years.